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Datum:: Freitag, 21. April 2006 - Samstag, 13. Mai 2006

Domestic Affairs

Die Galerie Projekt 0047 präsentiert die Ausstellung "Domestic Affairs", die vom 21. April bis zum 13. Mai zu sehen ist. Unter anderem sind die beiden norwegischen Künstler Lene Ask und Mai Hofstad Gunnes repräsentiert.



Lene Ask (NO)
Francisca Benitez (CL)
Zachary Fabri (US)
Mai Hofstad Gunnes (NO)
Julika Rudelius (DE)

21.04.06 - 13.05.06

Opening: 21.04 at 19h
Performance by Zachary Fabri at 20h

TUE – SAT 14 – 18

Tieckstraße 10
10115 Berlin
+49 (0)30 2804 1940

See our website for pictures: http://www.projekt0047.com

The group exhibition Domestic Affairs presents artists that are focusing on cultural or political matters while exploring the distinction between themselves and “the other.” Domestic Affairs is a term used both referring to personal and often negative issues regarding family matters, but also in a larger scale towards domestic political subjects like integration, racism and social distinctions that surround us. The exhibition presents artists that interfere or react upon their environment, using photo and video as descriptive tools without any claim to objectivity. The artists are acting as quasi-anthropologists – either with the gaze of the outsider looking in, or as the insider looking from a distance.

Lene Ask’s photo series “Bethels”, conveys a certain type of personal distance to a domestic environment. Describing the strong religious and pietistic milieu where Ask was raised, these photos are taken from small chapels on an area of South-western Norway known as “the Bible Belt”. Ask is investigating this environment’s impact on her personal development, whilst at the same time documenting a community and architecture that is gradually vanishing.

Another kind of personal distance is present in Francisca Benitez’ work, “Preemptive Disappearance”. The video tells the story of the sudden disappearance of her Egyptian husband in New York. The images portray the husband through his non-presence in the domestic space; through that space the viewer perceives him and understands her fear and anxiety. In the video “Sukkah,” Benitez turns the lens towards her neighborhood, showing how the Jewish tradition of moving outside for one week (in remembrance of the Exodus) is changing the architectural environment. Through the work we see both her curious view on this “otherness” and the return gaze of the Jewish men on her, the trespasser.

Zachary Fabri is working with performance based videos and is occupied with themes such as ethnicity, distinction and belonging. In his video work “The Loading Dock Series,“ Fabri stages himself in front of surveillance cameras while filming the monitors. We, as audience, are set in the place of the guard watching the monitors. By seeing the guard’s shadow and hearing his voice, his presence is melting together with Fabri’s gestures. The situation is created is absurd, questioning the social and political sphere that surrounds and monitors us.

While living in Japan, Mai Hofstad Gunnes became interested in the meaning of the name in Japanese culture. In the work “What do you mean? Part I” she asks several young people about the significance of and reason for being given their special name. In “What do you mean? Part II,” adult women explains how their names have had an impact on their self-perception and shaped them as individuals.

Julika Rudelius is challenging the way we view the “other”, placing herself in the role of an ignorant investigator. In the video “Your blood is as red as mine” she asks black men how it feels to be black. Using strategies from television production, her films seem documentary. But Rudelius stages her interviews in a way that forces her audience to interpret the dialogue and look for eventual truths themselves.

Lene Ask, born 1974 in Stavanger, Norway. Lives and works in Oslo.
Francisca Benitez, born 1974 in Santiago, Chile. Lives and works in New York.
Zachary Fabri, born 1977 in Florida, USA. Lives and work in New York and Berlin.
Mai Hofstad Gunnes, born 1977 in Oslo, Norway. Lives and work in Berlin, Germany
Julika Rudelius, born 1968 in Cologne, Germany. Lives and work in Amsterdam and New York.

Exhibition kindly sponsored by

Die Königlich Norwegische Botschaft Berlin / norwegen.no
Videopool / www.videopool.de

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